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Kayla Gray(Creepypasta Original Story In Desc vvv) by Humblr Kayla Gray(Creepypasta Original Story In Desc vvv) by Humblr
I am here to tell you the unknown story of Kayla Gray. She was a young girl. Fifteen to be exact. She went to highschool like any other girl. She had a couple of friends, but none of them could compare to this one girl. Jenny Smith. She was Kayla's best friend. Her number one. They've known each other since grade school and ever since they've been inseparable. Jenny was a good kid, and a good friend. Kayla adored her in ever way. She cared a whole lot about Jenny, so when she started not showing up to school it worried Kayla. She did everything she could to contact her. She texted jenny, called jenny, and even tried contacting her parents. But none of them answered. One day Jenny showed up at school. Kayla was happy and concerned for her friend. She asked Jenny if everything was okay at home, and why no one was answering they're phone. Jenny simply replied with "Everythings great, our phones are out of service so we decided to throw them out. That's all too it." Kayla was skeptical but she decided to trust her friend. Jenny smelled horrible, it was different from her usual smell. "Was everything really alright with her?" Kayla thought to herself. That day Jenny didn't come back to class after lunch. People said she just up and left like she had somewhere to be. This made Kayla worry about Jenny. She looked up online on "What To Do If Your Friend Is Acting Up." A solution popped up and it read "Give Your Friend Some Space, Believe It Or Not But All They Really Need Is Time." Kayla decided to believe the article and give Jenny some time. When Kayla got home she was greeted by her mother. Now Kayla only had a mom. Her father left her mom after he found out she was pregnant with Kayla. Kayla told her mom that she was gonna take a nap. She thought she really deserved one anyways. After she took her nap she woke up in a dark and wet place. The ceiling was dripping and there were only a few lights. She looked to a corner where there were a couple of people. A man and 2 women it seemed. They were Jenny's parents and Kayla's Mom. But they weren't moving. Kayla decided to get up and investigate. When Kayla got over to Jenny's parents and her own mother the smell started again. The way Jenny smelled. Expect it was worse. It was the smell of a rotting body. Jenny's parents and Kayla's Mom were dead. Kayla was quivering. She had no clue what to do. How did it happen anyways? there had been marks all over their body. It was a murder. Kayla wondered if Jenny had done it. Or was she murdered as well? Kayla heard the door open behind her. She turned around to find Jenny at the doorway. Except this time. This girl didn't seem like Jenny. Her hair had knots in it. Clearly hadn't been brushed in days. Her clothes were ripped like someone was trying to fight back. And her facial expression. The horror it read. Jenny slowly walked up to Kayla. At that time Kayla asked "Jenny did you... Did you do this?" But got no reply. Kayla shook her head no and ran away from Jenny. The house was completely dark so it was hard too see her way around. She tripped and hit her leg. It stung Kayla. But out if nowhere her other leg stung even worse. Jenny was right behind Kayla, and when Kayla looked down at her leg, it had been stabbed. Kayla's breathe started to grow intensely. She couldn't just sit there as her so called "Friend" was about to kill her! Kayla got up and inched towards the kitchen counter as best as she could. She turned around and Jenny Was Right there with her. Kayla pushed Jenny Back. That caused Jenny to get pissed and scratch Kayla in the neck. It stung. She quickly grabbed a hammer that was found in one of her parents drawers. She got ready for another attack. As Jenny jumped out at Kayla for the last time ,she swung at Jenny. Kayla's eyes widen as her once friend fell to the floor. She was dead. Kayla looked at her clothes. Her jacket was bloody and she was hurt from the attack's. Kayla knew if anyone saw her she would would be victimized. So she quickly ran out of the house. She tried her best to hide from other people so that they would not see her. She quickly ran into a wood but then stopped to rest. "If They Catch Me I'll... No... No they won't catch me! For now on i-it'll be kill... or be killed!" Kayla ran farther away from society and came upon a desolate house. Or so Kayla thought. A tall slender figure with a transparent face walked out in front of her. Kayla gripped the hammer used to kill her friend and got ready for another attack, but to Kayla's surprise the figure told her "You are not gonna be hurt here... Come, follow me. I'll take you too where you belong."
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